Raw Canvas – Brought Back the Creativity In Me

Raw Canvas is located in Yaletown and is essentially a wine and cheese bar with a twist. The beauty of this experience is that you not only get to enjoy delicious food and wine, but you get to paint as well! 

We saw a Social Shopper coupon for this, so Rae, FW, and I all bought one for an awesome girls night out.

Their moto is “eat, drink, make art”. I like it. 🙂

Paintings on the wall to get you inspired.

This is a set menu specifically for the Social Shopper coupon holders. You can choose from the meat tasting plate, cheese tasting plate, or the mixed tasting plate. Since we had three people, we just chose one of each.

The Paint Pit: where your creativity and imagination can go wild! Angry at someone? Let it out in painting! Love someone? Draw a million abstract hearts!

Rae and I also shared a bottle of Riesling. It was sweet, crisp, and refreshing.

In addition to the platters, we got two bowls of sliced white baguette. I loved using the bread to make mini meat and cheese sandwiches.

The Mixed Tasting Plate came with french pepper salami, parrano, pheasant & pistachio terrine, cornichons, pear rosemary (jam), and apricots. My favourite items included the terrine and cornichons (which tasted pretty much like tiny dill pickles).

The Cheese Tasting Plate included the parrano again, bleu d’Auvergne (which apparently won many awards), St. Mature Caprifeuille, pear rosemary jam, dijon, and figs. The figs balanced out the strong cheese flavour beautifully.

The Meat Tasting Plate included the french pepper salami, chorizo rioja, phesant & pistachio terrine, cornichons, castlevetr. olives, and apricots. These bright green olives were amazing! Such light and buttery notes with only a mild ‘olive’ taste… if you know what I mean.

After sipping on wine and dining on meats and cheeses, we went down to the pit to get our paintin’ on. They had such a large variety of coloured paint and they never made us feel rushed. We spent a good 3 hours alone painting! These were our masterpieces of the night. Not too shabby right? Guess which one is mine!

Based on these reasons:

  • hint to guys: bring a girl here on your first date and you’ll woo them for sure!
  • very expensive if you don’t have a coupon (I spent $60 but if I didn’t have the coupon it would have been roughly $120 for everything)
  • amazing experience overall no matter who you come with
  • brings out the creative kid in you

Service Rating: 5/5
Food Rating: 4/5
Price: $$$$$$$ ($60-$120) 

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Happy Eating (and Painting)!

courtesy of http://www.trolino.com/meme/close-enoughhh-10777

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