Car drive in Germany and other countries

When leaving for another country to vacation by your own car, always remember that there may be certain rules, which must be carefully followed. This is necessary in order not to be in an unpleasant situation. When planning a trip, you must always think that their rules may differ from yours, so always study in advance the laws of the country that you are going to visit. I right away the management of the car in Germany to rule the vehicle with us or, for example, in Germany these are two completely different concepts . The following are some features of the rules of conducting drivers on the roads of Germany. In Germany, they are not very good about too emotional drivers, so such citizens are in great trouble. In the established rules of the road, Germany has a whole list of certain emotions that are completely not appropriate for driving. Between them, you can note such cases as a demonstration to a person of the middle finger, a legged tongue or a bent a hand at the elbow. For such tricks, the driver can even pay a fine, he will be about 200 euros in mymissible, and as for indecent gestures prohibited by the rules, then Here we are already talking about several thousand. It is possible that some of our drivers have been drivers in Germany for some time will become more cultural and decent. However, in such cases, everything can go and vice versa, according to experienced psychologists, people are much easier for bad, therefore, when they get into such situations, drivers can become less restrained and even aggressive. Features of the rules of car management in Pennsylvania on the roads of the state of Pennsylvania, everyone The driver must always have a specially provided car for a car with him, in case you suddenly meet a horse -drawn wagon on the road, then any driver must stop and cover his car with a case so that the animal is not frightened. They love just, for no reason to put pressure on the horn, thereby applying to their impatience to vehicles that are ahead of the established orders at all, because it is forbidden to give any sound signals after 21 hours near the dinet and in other places. Играй на brillx casino официальный сайт

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