Types of slot machines

Everything is quite simple here. There can be no complex classifications, since there are only a few types of this game:

1. Slots

When we talked about the 50% of gamblers who are addicted exclusively to slot machines, we meant mostly slots. These are the very machines that are arranged in rows in all major casinos. They ring, make noise, make pleasant sounds.

The main goal of the game is to collect a winning combination of symbols. The player chooses the size of the bet and clicks "Spin" (Spin). If you're lucky, you'll get a bonus game or some rare symbols that give you the maximum cash prize. Naturally, nothing depends on the player here - the game is automatic.

2. Classic slot machines

These are the forerunners of modern slots. They are distinguished by completely mechanical "insides", that is, they are made exclusively of wood, iron and other materials - without the use of digital and other technologies that are used today.

The classic slot machine has only a few lines and 3-5 reels. For comparison: in modern slots there can be up to a hundred lines.

As it is not difficult to guess, a classic is a classic that has long been in the past. Mechanical slot machines these days can only be found in a museum or from collectors. In addition, they are banned in most countries, since the percentage of return in them, as a rule, is greatly underestimated (read more about the percentage of return below).

3. Video poker

A special kind of slot machines. It differs sharply from slots in that here the player really influences the outcome of the game. Moreover, video poker is also known for its financial features: the expected value in some video poker games reaches positive values, which is surprising in itself.

The essence of video poker is to collect the prize combination. They are usually identical to poker: straight, flush, royal flush and so on. Sometimes their number is limited. In the process, the player has the right to change several (or all) cards. And this is where you need to be very careful. The profit of the player depends on the decision made.

That's it, just three types. Naturally, in each of them there are many subspecies grouped according to certain factors, but we will not dwell on them in detail.

Bonus Games

For many players, the bonus game is the primary goal of any slot machine. And for good reason. Bonus always means additional profit. And if earlier the bonus game consisted of guessing bags, cards, boxes and other things with hidden prizes, now the bonus can mean the continuation of some interesting story in which the player himself is the main character. We are talking about modern slots and video poker, with excellent graphics. We are talking about interactive slot machines, where the player, by controlling a golf club or a soccer ball, influences his own winnings in the bonus game.

Agree, this is much more exciting than guessing whether the next card will be older or younger than the one shown on the screen.

Naturally, a full-fledged immersion in the world of an interactive slot machine is possible only in real casinos, but online players are not so far behind. Especially if there is a large monitor (at least 24 inches) in front of the eyes of the player.

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