Types of online roulette: from standard to unique variations

Types of online roulette: from standard to unique variations

Types of online roulettes: from standard to unique variants Online roulette is a popular form of gambling. And if earlier the choice was not very diverse, today it has become much richer, as more developers have begun to pay attention to this game.fast withdrawal casinos nzfastest payout online casino nz Therefore, fans of roulette will find a lot of interesting things from classics to more unusual options. Popular types of roulette in online casinos Many establishments put pokies first, and then any other types of games. Therefore, although roulette is often offered, it is only in the basic selection. And these are the standard versions: American and European. The first has two zeros, which is less profitable, and the second has one zero %s... French is a little less common due to the fact that it is more beneficial for the punters. There is a high probability that one gambling site will offer several versions of the above varieties. These can be almost the same types of roulettes, just from different developers. Either versions with different limits, for example, tables with small limits, or VIP tables are not uncommon. Roulette with many wheels and roulette with two balls are rarer versions. In the first case, several wheels are offered at once, allowing you to place bets on different launches at the same time. Here, as a rule, standard rates and payouts are used. And in the second case, instead of one ball, two

are used

... In this case, the bets are already different, and some bets require that both balls fall in the same range. There are no specific rules for these non-standard versions, so conditions may vary from developer to developer. For example, the Double Ball version from Leander Games offers a jackpot of 1200 to 1 in case two balls hit the same box and that is the clean number you wager on. Some online casinos offer more exotic types of roulette. For example, the Chinese version, where instead of the standard numbers, the zodiac signs from the Chinese calendar. On this topic How to play roulette? Game rules, bets, main varieties Modern possibilities Little has changed in the development of online roulette. This area is not as competitive as pokies. But still, providers release updated types of roulette or simply update their functionality %s... For example, a new approach is used in Golden Chip Roulette, which is available in casinos powered by Yggdrasil Gaming software. The peculiarity of Golden Chip Roulette is its great potential - up to 500x the bet on the exact number. A bet on one number does not give a fixed payoff of 35 to 1, but an unknown result, which varies from 10x to 500x and is determined randomly. Of course, in most cases a small multiplier will drop out, but the opportunity to get the maximum always remains. The standard features of online roulette, regardless of the type, are placing bets and spinning the wheel. A free mode is available for testing and some versions offer statistics of the last rounds and the so-called"hot" and"cold" numbers, which do not play any role in subsequent results. But there are roulette types that provide more useful functions. For example, Relax Gaming offers to save their bet templates, as well as launch them in automatic mode %s... In this case, you can specify the automatic number of spins, plus set limits on losses and wins. Live casino Live games are a separate category in the field of online roulettes. That is, games with real dealers. This direction is now actively developing and there are more chances to see some new, unusual types of roulette. Evolution Gaming is a leader in live casinos and they are at the forefront of innovation. At Evolution Gaming casino you can find a solid selection of roulette types, including some unique ones. One of the most popular is the Lightning Roulette, which offers payouts far exceeding the standard maximum of 35 to 1. Due to the Lucky Numbers function, several numbers are randomly selected, which are assigned multipliers from x50 to x500 %s... If the punter has bet on this lucky number, then he gets the corresponding multiplication of the bet. Of all the types of online roulette, this is one of the most interesting. It is not shown in the usual format, but as a fascinating show. Speed ​​Roulette is a high-speed roulette in which one round takes 25 seconds, which, according to the developer, is the fastest type of roulette - twice as fast as a regular game. The speed is increased by placing bets while the wheel is spinning. So there is no downtime for punters to bet on. Another interesting invention from Evolution Gaming is Instant Roulette. Another option that can reduce downtime at the roulette table %s... Instead of one wheel, this game uses 12 wheels, and behind one of them a new round is constantly ready to start. And if you click on the replay of the bet, then you can almost instantly be included in the next draw.

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