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Twitch xposed streamer, also known as Cody Burnett, is completely open about his life. 

Born on 7th June, 1996 in Ontario, Canada, Cody started off with Call of Duty 4 back when he was only 8. 

Shortly after turning of age, he started streaming as well, with slots and other casino games quickly added to his repertoire. He’s into real life sports as much as he’s into e-sports. He’s an avid hockey player and also enjoys baseball.

Although in the beginning, no one knew where gaming and streaming would take him, Shania, his girlfriend, has been supportive all the way and now they’re engaged. He’s a proud young father and often shows off pics of him, his girlfriend and their baby on Instagram.


xPosed Live Casino Games on Live Stream


Like with all top casino streamers, you will easily find Twitch Xposed He takes his job seriously and you will find him streaming on most days of the week. Lately, the streams have been starting in the evening around 10pm, Canadian EST time and can go into the wee hours of the morning. 

xPosed is very consistent, but understandably the exact start times can vary by a couple of hours. Check the schedule posted on his Twitch profile to be sure. He is pretty good about updating it so his fans know when he is on.

Many recordings of Xposed streams are uploaded to his Youtube. Although not as exciting as the live stream itself, it can still be fun to jump around the highlights of each session, which are typically 5 to 7 hours long.

Cody Burnett broke into the world of online gaming with Call of Duty when he was just 8 years old. He’s still an avid player and can often be found playing Fortnite when he’s not on Twitch. 

By the time he started playing slots, he had over a decade of experience. Coming from MMORPG games, streaming while playing is basically second nature and you can see that Xposed is very comfortable being himself in from of the camera.

When he first started streaming slots, he was putting down a few dollars to $10 a bet. This is a bit higher than what most people will play but it’s not unimaginably high. 

Even with these modest bets, Xposed managed to reel in significant wins in the thousands, which only testifies to his skills. As he managed to accumulate more capital, his stakes are now higher and he’s a happy high roller.


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  • Instagram: @xposedtwitch
  • TikTok: @xposedtwitch


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