Soul Surfer / Life on the Wave (2011). Description

Bethany and Alana showed great promise in surfing and showed excellent results in competitions. But a terrible tragedy happened to one of them, as a result of which he was seriously injured and now cannot continue the competition.<br />
At the age of 13, the girls won prizes at competitions, after which they immediately found sponsors for themselves. But when a tiger shark attacked Bethany, she deprived the future athlete of her left arm. The movie "Soul Surfer" watch online which you can on this site, tells about this tragedy and how the heroine herself found a way to overcome all the problems.<br />
Contrary to the advice of everyone around her, Bethany decided not to give up her hobby and found the strength to continue after she recovered from the injury. Her dream has always been serious results, so she continued training. Over time, she regains her former form and applies for competitions, but this is only the beginning.<br />
Despite the fact that she was accepted and allowed to participate as well as healthy people, she still has to face professional athletes who will not make allowances for her when the fight for the winner's cup begins. Now the heroine will have to show all her skills and fortitude, because she believes that if she is a real surfer in her soul, then no injury will prevent her from realizing her dream.<br />

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