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If you want to play for money, it is only natural to find a site with a license in Sweden. However, you have every right to test the casino without a Swedish license, but if you do, well you know what that means. Aside from the fact that the casino is not approved by the Swedish authorities, there are other consequences. Read here and you'll see what we mean.

Play a casino without a license - brief introduction

You have the right to play at a casino that, for whatever reason, is not licensed in Sweden. The Swedish licensing law only applies to casinos, not players. However, there are differences between the two different types of casinos. If you play at a casino with a license for the Swedish market, you know, for example, that you always play in Swedish krona. That's a big advantage because you avoid exchange fees and the like. Also, you know that you always set playing limits, which helps a lot so you don't risk playing for more money than you originally planned. Countering excessive gambling not only helps you with gambling limits, but you can also take a self-test to see if you are at risk.  That's why it's better to play in  zimpler casino


If you choose a casino without a Swedish license, however, you won't get any of that. You're playing in a foreign currency, such as euros, and you have no guarantee of playing responsibly. Another big difference is the game break. The Swedish state has created this registry where all Swedish players have the ability to suspend all types of gambling for money. This applies to casino games, trotting, odds, etc., both online and throughout Sweden. However, this only applies to all games that have a Swedish Gambling Inspectorate license.

The best casinos without a Swedish license - here's what they have to offer

Another advantage of casinos without a Swedish license is the bonuses and promotions they have to offer. A casino with a Swedish license can only offer a bonus. It is given in conjunction with the first deposit in what is known as the welcome bonus and consists of the bonus amount, several free spins or a combination thereof. The terms and conditions of the rules always apply, but they are usually relatively favorable to players. There are even casinos that offer free spins, which in this case means that you can withdraw your winnings from the free spins without first playing for a certain amount. On the other hand, casinos without a Swedish license may have slightly worse rules, meaning higher wagering requirements for a shorter time. However, if you like bonuses, you may be happy with the fact that you can get a lot more at a casino without a Swedish license. The promotions are not limited at all. This means that you can get new bonuses every day. Some may be regular deposit bonuses, while others may be cashback bonuses where you get back some of your losses, free spins and more.

No-break casino - that's the point of everything

If you choose a casino without a Swedish license, you are also choosing a no-break casino. The point of this is simply that you can still play at it, even if you have a suspension from Game Break. The casino in question has no idea that you really wanted to cut yourself off from gambling, and the Swedish authorities also have no way of tracking whether you continue to gamble. This means that the responsibility for not gambling too much rests entirely with you. This is important to remember.

The benefits - it could be these

The advantages of a casino without a Swedish license are the ones we mentioned above, namely that you can play here despite the suspension of Game Break and all the bonuses you can get. Another advantage may be the range of games. You can find games in foreign casinos that are not offered in Swedish casinos. However, there are also games that you will only find in casinos with a Swedish license and that are not available in casinos without a Swedish license. Another advantage may be the payment methods. The options offered vary between casinos with and without a Swedish license. For example, if you want to play and pay by invoice, then only in casinos without a Swedish license, as this method is prohibited by Swedish law. If you want to play more anonymously, this is also in a casino without a Swedish license, due to the fact that all Swedish casinos require registration through a bankad.

Alternative licenses to Sweden - there are

Finding licenses other than the Swedish license is not difficult, especially since many casinos have more than one license. The most common license that works alongside the Swedish license is the Maltese license. Sometimes you can also find one from the UK. There are also licenses for Gibraltar and Curacao casinos, but they are not as common 

Methods of payment in casinos without a license - here you will find

One method that is only available at unlicensed casinos is, as I said, billing. You often see Zimpler in all casinos, and the difference is that in an unlicensed casino you can fund your Zimpler account with a bill payment, while in a licensed casino you can pay by credit card, bank transfer or something similar.

Swedish casino is different

However, the biggest difference between licensed and unlicensed casinos is withdrawals. At Swedish casinos, you can usually withdraw money with Trustly, which transfers money to your bank account within minutes. This is made possible with bankid identification. In foreign casinos, it always takes much longer to get identification and so on, which means that it often takes several days before you can get your winnings. Of course, this can be a bit annoying, especially if you want to spend your money right away.

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