The first week of pregnancy: the feeling of the future mother

Imagine that you have long dreamed of a child and carefully planned conception. And then happened! Already from the moment the fertilization occurs, the egg generation forms two halves, and the genes of two parents are connected to a single integer. Now in your body begins to emerge a new life.

Well-being in the first week of pregnancy

In the first week of pregnancy, the feelings of the future mother do not change. A fruit egg is just beginning to move into the uterus and the woman does not suspect anything.

Week passes, the egg reaches the walls of the uterus and is attached to it. Now the health of the baby will depend on your diet and lifestyle. As a result of hormonal restructuring, progesterone is produced.

This hormone does not give the uterus to shrink prematurely, so as not to interfere with the embryo attach. At this stage, using the test you can learn about a joyful event in your life!

The next week of pregnancy occurs. The child is no longer perceived as an alien body, and the body of the future mother does everything to keep his life. The communal bubble protects the baby, and with the help of the placenta it will receive the nutrients important to it.

Early toxicosis

In the first week of pregnancy, women's sensations are not always pleasant. Toxicosis is anxiety of almost all pregnant women. Someone has a light nausea, and other exhausts vomiting. But this ailment usually passes quickly, as soon as the toxin output system will be adjusted in the body.

From the first days of pregnancy, you need to visit the doctor and go through all important surveys. If you take any drugs, you should agree on their reception with your doctor. Many drugs have a negative impact on the fruit.

It should be remembered that it is in the first weeks that the future of the child's future bodies occurs.

Initial signs of pregnancy

Of course, the main sign of pregnancy is the cessation of menstruation. Many women begin to clone into sleep and rises appetite. You should listen to your tastes. If you tolerate could not chocolate, and then you want to eat it in huge quantities, you are precisely pregnant!

Danger and pregnancy

It is extremely undesirable to hurt. Avoid hypothermia and crowded places, especially during the period of viral diseases.

And finally!

Flying the first weeks, and now you will have the months of waiting. It is important to remember that pregnancy decorates a woman. Therefore, accommodate this beautiful period in a wonderful mood, more walk, eat fruit and test only positive emotions! Играйте на официальном сайте up-x и зарабатывайте

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