Penalty Shoot Out - Fast Action and Reasonable Winnings at Simple Play Slots

It's time to try your hand at an arcade game. Penalty Shoot Out is a great way to keep your brain active, while winning big cash. It's simple, fun, and has a high RTP. Here's how to play. You'll love the fast-paced action and static crowd! It's definitely a winner! But first, you should know what it's all about.


When you are looking for a casino game to play for free, Penalty Shoot Out is a great option. This online game has a 96.0 percent RTP, and you can play it on desktop or mobile devices. You can also play this game in vertical mode. This studio has over 80 games in its catalog, and it is expected to release their next high-tech catalogue by 2020. They have recently been shortlisted for the EGR B2B Awards. The winners will be announced in just three days.

Penalty Shootout-Golden for Android


If you like soccer, you will enjoy the Fast Action and Reasonable Winnings of Simple Play Slots' Penalty Shoot Out. Upon placing your bet, you can instantly add accumulated winnings to your account. In addition, the early cash-out function will minimize any potential losses. Playing this game is simple - there is a goal, goalkeeper and five arrows, which determine the direction of the ball. After each successful attempt, a chart displays the last ten shots.

Simple to play

If you love playing sports and have a knack for slot games, you will surely love the game Penalty Shoot Out. Featuring colorful animation and easy-to-use controls, this slot machine is a fast-paced arcade game that is ideal for fans of soccer. And because of the game's high RTP, you can be assured of big winnings when you play it. Read on for more information.

High RTP

In a slot machine, the RTP, or return to player, refers to the percentage of the game's payouts that are dependent on the game's hit frequency. This percentage tells the player how often a spin will produce a winning combination. But it does not give the player the odds of winning. At 20%, for example, one out of every five combinations is likely to be a winning one.

No reels

The bonus game in Penalty Shoot Out slot is similar to other football themed slots. When three or more of the same symbol appear on the reels, you'll get the chance to win multipliers. Wild symbols are also part of this bonus feature. The goalkeeper, Hugo, tries to save five penalties and increase his multiplier with each one. If you manage to save all five, you'll win a 10x multiplier!

No paylines

The Penalty Shoot Out slot machine does not have any paylines. This casino game revolves around an immediate gambling round in which you must defeat the goalkeeper. It is a fun and exciting game, but one thing that you should know is that you should not bet with your money. Instead, play it for fun and to pass the time. Here are some reasons why. Hopefully, you'll find this slot as enjoyable as I did. Also try

Hugo Goals

If you've played the Hugo Goals in play slots game, you might have already experienced its fun bonus. This slot features a similar bonus game to Action Replay. To trigger the feature, you'll need to land two full stacks of the same symbol on the third reel. The bonus is all about saving penalties, and you'll have to help Hugo do that. Every time you save a penalty, you'll receive a payout multiplier up to x10.

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