Online casino boom, success with no signs of crisis

That the Covid-19 pandemic led to an increase in online activity was not hard to predict. But few could have imagined the dizzying audience growth that online casinos have been recording since 2019. Italians got into gambling: lotteries, scratch cards and sports betting filled the long days of blockchain, but not only that.

Roulette and casino games, sports betting inscriptions, lottery ticket with lottery ballsGreen Table is a longtime passion. Add to that the convenience of online betting and all.

How much do Italians gamble at online casinos

To get a more concrete assessment of the gambling phenomenon in Italy, just look at the numbers. In October 2019, Italians spent about 65 million euros on the green table, sports betting and other gambling. In the same month of 2020, the amount increased to more than 103 million euros, an increase of almost 60%.

The most interesting trend, however, concerns the trend of the online gambling sector over the period 2020-2021. In fact, in 2020, despite the reopening that occurred in the summer and partially in the fall, the growth of gambling has not suffered. negative effects. The average growth rate was 39%, the highest since the advent of online gambling.

Making predictions about the future is always difficult, but we can see that many users have discovered a real passion, which in addition to fun can also bring interesting winnings. In the first months of 2021 the world of virtual gaming continued to grow, thanks to Casinò Non AAMS , which has all the guarantees of European security and legal gaming.

Favorite online games of Italians

Online games offer many types of entertainment, from the simplest, such as slot machines, to the more complex, such as card games. What do the boot people prefer? According to , slot machines are the most popular game, thanks to the simplicity of the rules and the wide range of choices.

Poker is another classic that Italians love, both in video poker mode (i.e. playing against online casino software) and in various tournaments organized by miglior casino non AAMS. Based on his experience and budget, a player can decide which table to sit at and declare his All-In, if luck is on his side.

Finally, there are lotteries and scratch cards, typical gambling games that have a long tradition in Italy. According to the Customs and Monopoly Agency, the growth of lottery ticket sales in our country was about 40%, with a peak in Lazio and Lombardy. The data for other regions is somewhat lower.

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