In the Blackjack Strategies section, you will learn how to efficiently use all the options offered by the online Twenty-One card game and how to put the cards and decks in your favor. Winning at Blackjack with our guide is easy! Use this strategy you can at


  • Request Letter (hit)

It is one of the most important online Blackjack strategies along with the “stop” option. It is used when a player wants to ask for another card in addition to the two initial cards that have been dealt. Players can ask for cards as many times as they wish.

Taking too many cards is a risk that a player takes in online blackjack if the dealer has a strong card like a king, queen, jack or an ace.

  • Stop (hold/stand)

This Blackjack technique is used when a player no longer wants to be dealt cards. “Stop” is used in Online Twenty-One mainly when the player already has a high score and doesn't want to extrapolate. Players usually keep their cards when they have a score ranging from 16 to 21.

  • Double down (double down)

Upon receiving the first two cards, the player has the option to double the bet. Generally, this Blackjack strategy is chosen when the player believes he has a high chance of winning Blackjack with the third card. Before taking the next card, the bet must be placed next to the original bet.

  • Split (split)

This is an online Blackjack strategy that is not so popular. This technique is performed when a player is dealt two cards of the same number in the first deal. Some strategists suggest splitting the game in two by getting two value eight cards or two value nine cards.

When splitting the cards, the player must bet the same amount as before. After the bet is made, the cards are then split and the player gets “two hands”.

  • Surrender (surrender)

This Blackjack strategy allows the player to give up his cards or half of his original bet if he believes it is not possible to win at Blackjack.

  • Insurance (insurance)

This option is not found in every 21 online game. This strategy allows the player to secure his bet if he realizes that the dealer has a blackjack.


Decks: More decks mean more house edge, while fewer decks mean more player edge. No wonder it's so hard to find casinos with one or two decks. 

Card Counting: This system can be used by you to increase your odds of winning at Blackjack. Online Blackjack pros commonly use this technique to beat the house.

In card counting, the player visualizes the cards that have already been dealt to try to predict the cards that will come out in the next round. In this blackjack strategy, memorizing the entire deck or remembering how each card is played is not necessary. In fact, the method simply tracks the highest value cards. The advantage the dealer has over you is that he draws last.

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