Las Vegas continues to suffer from the Corona pandemic

Las Vegas continues to suffer from the Corona pandemic

Just a week ago, we reported that some Las Vegas casinos were offering their own Corona tests. The idea was not only to reassure guests. It was also seen as a chance for everyday life in Las Vegas to return to normal and for fears of catching the disease in the casino to fade. Unfortunately, a recent report shows that the tense situation in Las Vegas has not yet changed.

Las Vegas

Visitors are still staying away

Although casinos in Las Vegas were allowed to open weeks ago, and have continued to open between lockdowns, casino resorts are suffering from the Corona pandemic. Visitor numbers are still far from stabilizing. This also has to do with the restrictive travel regulations. Furthermore, guests might be bothered by the fact that they are only allowed to gamble wearing a mask and that strict hygiene measures have to be observed. Last but not least, the number of guests is regulated by the state. The latter affects not only the casinos but also the associated hotels.

An example that illustrates the situation in Las Vegas: according to celebrities, it would take about an hour and a half to drive down the Las Vegas Strip. This is not because it is so long, but because of the traffic that normally prevails. Meanwhile, it takes a maximum of 30 minutes. Many now refer to Las Vegas as a ghost town. Dry numbers confirm this: Normally, Las Vegas enjoys 42 million tourists a year. Last year, only 19 million people took the chance to see this city and challenge their own luck.

Apart from the numerous casinos, tourists used to flock to Las Vegas to get married quickly. This line of business was also pushed back by the Corona Pandemic.

Locals hit hard by pandemic

When casinos do poorly, locals suffer as well. MGM had already laid off 18,000 employees in September 2020. The layoff of employees is also related to the fact that visitors continue to be heavily regulated. Currently, only 35 percent occupancy is allowed. Because of this, far fewer employees are also needed. These will either be put on short-time work or immediately laid off permanently. According to officials, this has already led to an increase in the number of homeless people, reported on the website

Another consequence of the restrictions is that many restaurants, cafes, and bars are only open for a few hours a day. This leaves only one work shift. This also leads to many employees being laid off. Considering that Las Vegas lives only from tourism, the bare facts are indeed a serious threat to the city. To be included is not only the business generated by the casinos. Guests go out to eat, take cabs to attractions, or participate in recreational activities. All of this now falls away. When any relief can be expected is literally written in the stars.

There is a downside, however, which does not offer too much comfort: Some individuals are now trying to make money via gambling. This idea, of course, comes with a high risk of not making any money at all. For showmen who can no longer perform, it seems to be the only way to generate income at the moment.

Negative consequences could last for years

The situation in Las Vegas is so bad that even experts expect a years-long process thanks to which the city will recover. This may also be due to the fact that there is no rescue plan. It should also be remembered that it is not only Las Vegas that is suffering from the Corona pandemic. The virus has struck in every state in the U.S., leading to mass layoffs. In the first few months of the pandemic, more than 200,000 people lost their jobs.

Las Vegas

It is unlikely that the aftermath of the pandemic will be resolved in a short period of time. How quickly the idea of casino-owned Corona testing will deliver a recovery remains to be seen. However, it is important that the restrictions are lifted again. Roulette games with masks and plexiglass between the seats do not seem to be a real incentive for players. However, it is much more important to lift the occupancy limit so that more guests and tourists come to Las Vegas again. However, such measures will not be taken until the number of infected finally goes down.

Until then, players have only one thing left to do: use online casinos to enjoy casino games and slot machines. Of advantage are the bonuses that an online casino offers. This could also be a reason why the number of visitors to the local casinos is failing.

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