FCGB: the sad observation of Benoit Costil after the defeat in Angers

FCGB: the sad observation of Benoit Costil after the defeat in Angers

The goalkeeper of the Girondins de Bordeaux, Benoît Costil, expressed himself after the new rout in the championship. Mixed feelings, between sadness, disappointment, and anger.

On the pitch of Angers, the Bordeaux players have almost completed their descent into Ligue 2. The Girondins de Bordeaux were once again beaten (4-1) by a team from Angers who took advantage of the usual defensive errors of the Marines et Blancs. They are back to the bottom of the league after Metz's victory against Lyon (3-2) earlier in the day and can only hope for the play-offs to keep their place, but it's only by a thread, reported https://cricket360.bet/live-sports-betting/.

Gérald Baticle's

Gérald Baticle's men, on the other hand, are taking a big step towards the maintenance, now 14th with 7 points ahead of Saint-Étienne.

After the game, none of the Bordeaux players wanted to react after this new disappointment, except for Benoît Costil. The Bordeaux goalkeeper stopped in the mixed zone to give his first feelings.

"You can imagine the spirit in which we are... Yes. There is sadness, disappointment, many things... Disappointment or anger? Everything, everything, everything... Many things. I can't answer that now, just like that... We did not answer present once again, that's all. After this game, yes, we are disgusted. If we are going to watch the game on Wednesday night of Nice against Saint-Etienne? I don't know if that's where it's going to be played but yes, we're going to watch that game, that's obvious. What we say to each other in the dressing room after this game? It stays in the locker room, sorry...", explained Benoît Costil to journalists.

Gérald Baticle's

Because of the French Cup final played last Saturday, AS Saint-Etienne will play its late match against OGC Nice this Wednesday in the 36th day. If Saint-Etienne wins, Bordeaux will be officially relegated to Ligue 2. As for the team itself, this is the statement of the David Warner: "I will regret this as long as I live". Quite eloquent words.

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