eSports, House report highlights significant growth in sector

The cybersport sector does not stop growing , it is now more and more in vogue and on the rise, even among young people and among those who have chosen for their future a career as professional gamers.

The Chamber of Deputies, for example, in Italy recently launched a fact-finding survey on digital content creation workers. What came out is surprising.

In the general category of content creators stand out primarily gamers participating in cybersport competitions, by which we mean all competitions held in the form of leagues and tournaments in which individual players or teams compete against each other by playing video games, with the participation of an audience of other users, for prizes or just for fun.

Entertainment Industry

We encounter a successful sector in Ghana and in the world which has not developed with the so-called sharing economy, which shares nothing with the creators of Youtube, but exclusively in the entertainment industry.

The focus is on insiders, as video games and viewers are growing exponentially, as well as the best betting sites in Ghana .

According to what appeared in a position paper proposed by the trade association of the video games industry in Italy, the sector analysis company has estimated that the global and direct revenues of the virtual sports sector , understood as revenues derived from competitions or teams through sponsorship, media rights, ticket sales and merchandising exceeded 947.1 million euros in 2020 and reached 1.08 billion euros in 2021.


Growth is primarily due to the economic weight of the sector, directly proportional to population growth. In 2020, cybersports had 215 million subscribers. In Italy, there were about 475,000, a slight increase compared to the previous survey. On the other hand, the number of those who follow virtual events more than once a week is 1 million 620 thousand: an increase of 15% compared to July 2020.

Gamers have specific problems, such as the likening of sports and electronic games to traditional sports; but also many other common characteristics and situations: for example, players are very similar to content creators when performing actions. Disconnecting from them only because of the specifics of the content created and available. You will be interested in this site if you want to know the same trophies in sports. 

A growing sector with important prospects, especially in the future with a generation of mid-game players who will only know the virtual version as a sport. In all likelihood.

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