Elements that build contact with the buyer

Answer emails as quickly as possible. Internet users consider disrespect if the message remains unanswered. Over 70% believe that the lack of response to the request is the usual curse of Internet communication. Do not be a curse, answer me. If there is time and opportunities, then in the evenings and on weekends. As a rule, the lack of response leads to the fact that the client turns away, and in many cases it will never return to our site.

• If you made a mistake, admit it. The Internet user also "man" and understands that messages do not write themselves. Often recognition that, for example, the order was lost with a proposal to quickly correct the error, brings closer to your site, and the insisting on unlikely translations leads to the breakdown of contacts.

• Refer to the client as Mr. / MS name. You shorten the distance between you in this very simple way. Remember that Ms. XYZ does not know how old you are, and maybe she thinks he can call you "Par Sir". You will see that in response from Ms. XYZ you will also be Mr. ZYX.

• Always sign an email. Preferably with your full name and, perhaps, the phone number. This is another distance reduction item. Avoid type signatures: Sales department, company name. You must apply these elements after entering your name and surname.

• Be a good uncle. I advise you not to buy anything, even by trading. So you will conquer your client's trust. Next time you sell twice as much, recommending something high. Do not use this method when you first buy or contact, it will have a reverse effect. Very effective method for regular customers.

• Listen to the client. Learn to read his emails, recognize his tone. This will help you to establish contact. Try to adapt to his style. If he writes fun, write too fun. If the message is short and laconic, answer the same. Remember that customer feedback is a kind of marketing research. Collect and draw conclusions.

• To ask questions. Ask questions to support the conversation. Let your answers become the beginning of the conversation. Delive to the first part as sending only comprehensive information, let the second part show that you are interested in the client and come to it individually. By asking a question at the end of the answer, you will get another answer and so on. The result must always be completing the transaction.

• Do not leave the client one after the transaction. Wait and ask, for example, is he satisfied with the goods, whether the parcel delivered on time, etc. 恋人を喜ばせたい、レストランに行きたい、高価なものをプレゼントしたい、旅行に連れて行ってあげたい、でもお金がないから、 ボンズカジノ.net 、お金を稼いで、最後にレストランなどに連れて行ってあげようと思っても、問題ありません。ここに入れば、十分なお金を手に入れることができますし、これだけではなく、将来のために、必要なグッズなど、もっとたくさんのお金を稼ぐことができます。

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