Common faults with Pressure Washers

Pressure washer machines help you a lot in doing your cleaning jobs that cover a wider area and those things in our homes that cannot be thoroughly cleaned by ordinary cleaners. However, these cleaning devices can have technical problems when used for a longer period. This article will let you know the different pressure washer problems your machines might have in the long run and its simple solutions for a particular pressure washer problem.

Common Pressure Washer Problems And Their Solutions

If your pressure washer experiences low-erratic pressure or no pressure at all, the solution to this particular pressure washer problem is to check the so-called water inlet and the inlet strainer as well, if they are not blocked. Likewise, be sure that you are using the right kind of nozzle, which is a high-pressured one. In addition, try to see if the passageway of the nozzle is not obstructed in any way. As for the pressure washer nozzle, be sure that they have no leaks. If there are some, replace them immediately.

Pressure washer problems can also occur if the detergent that you are using does not mix with the spray of a pressure washer. If this happens as one of the pressure washer problems, then you have to be 100 % sure that the siphoning tube of the cleaning device is completely placed or submerged under water. Your high pressure washer has a chemical filter. Kindly make sure that it does not have any crack or a clog. If there is, replace them the soonest. On the other hand, if the engines of your pressure washer malfunction whenever you use it, check the throttle if it is in the fast mode. If the problem persists, consult a qualified technician immediately.

Loose wiring of your pressure washer is also one cause of a pressure washer problem. If this kind of pressure problem happens, wear a pair of gloves and simply push downwards the connector’s end. Also, make sure that it touches the spark plug of your unit. You can buy a pressure washer on the website -

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