As a player from Sweden, can I play on betting sites without a Swedish license?

Yes, moreover, it is perfectly legal, as we mentioned earlier in our introduction. On the other hand, the fact that gaming companies target Sweden without a license is illegal under the Gambling Act, and something that the Swedish Gaming Inspectorate works hard against. Nevertheless, this does not stop you from going to these sites and playing as usual, especially if you are tired of the restrictive gaming market in Sweden, which only provides room for one bonus per customer. This is why many players turn to casinos without a Swedish license .

Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning the various restrictions that may apply to you playing on these sites, which we will explain in more detail below:

Some betting companies do not accept Swedish phone numbers when registering. Therefore, these gambling companies are not allowed to play at all. Some betting companies limit the availability of bonuses and promotions so as not to violate Swedish law, although many of them still accept

Swedish players. You always need to tax 30% of your winnings if you play outside the EU.

You also need to tax 30% of your winnings in the EU if the betting site targets betting utan svensk licens( NOTE: it is important to note here that most sites in the EU are not taxed due to the fact that they do not primarily target Swedish players).

Play without a break at a gaming company without a Swedish license

A gambling break is a safety measure to disconnect from all Swedish-licensed betting sites. When you take a break, you will no longer be able to play with Swedish gaming companies . The gaming break, as mentioned, only applies to gaming sites with a Swedish license, which means that you can still play at gaming companies without a Swedish license, even if you turned yourself off during the gaming break.

Do I have to pay tax on winnings on an unlicensed betting site?

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