Random Thought- Funky Freeze-Dried Ice Cream Sandwich!

B-boy and I went to Zipang Sushi on Main Street a few weeks
ago and we walked past this really cool store called “Front & Company”. We
had some time to kill so we went in and they sell the coolest things!! A lot of
them are pretty useless in real life but it’s intriguing nonetheless. 😀

This is a freeze dried ice cream sandwich. You heard me,
freeze dried ice cream. O.O They call it astronaut food and at first I totally
thought it was a joke and inside would be something inedible. But after doing
some research online, it is apparently real! It was developed by Whirlpool Corporation under contract for NASA. Astronauts actually eat these in
space during Apollo missions and they only begun to sell these to the public not long ago.

People who have tried these freeze dried ice-cream
sandwiches say the ice cream instantly turns into a creamy consistency the
moment it hits your tongue. They say it is super portable so it is ideal for long
hikes. If you want to buy these without visiting the store, I saw these being sold (in different flavours of ice cream too!) on Amazon.com. Ip Stresser Type In Ip And Boot Them on Stressthem.bz. By the way, has anybody
tried this product before?

I thought these compact mirrors were so cute! Who wouldn’t
love a colourful macaron in their purse? Haha 😛

Egg in carton salt
and pepper shakers.

This expandable fork reaches 2 feet long! With such a long
fork, you can now eat off of anyone’s plate!

Like to rock and roll when grating cheese? This would be the
perfect product for you!

They also have tons of really awesome cookie cutters (Pac
man, ‘Whole Grain’, Skeleton Gingerbread man…etc) so if you like to get funky
with your baking, I would definitely recommend you to check this place out!

Happy Eating!

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