Who is Kirby?


My (nick)name is Kirby and I love all things related to food. Even though I try to live a healthy lifestyle, I will never deprive myself of any food, especially anything that is delicious! In this blog, I will write about my food adventures around Vancouver, the food I cook up in my kitchen, and any food I encounter during my travels around the world. I encounter on a day to day basis. I hope you have been finding them useful and fun to read, because that is the main reason why I started a food blog, to share tips, tricks, insider information, and everything else in between!

I am never paid to review a restaurant and all opinions are my own. Even though I hope you find them useful, try not to don’t base a restaurant entirely on my rating because everyone’s experience is different. Lastly, I am no writer. I don’t have a huge vocabulary and my writing is pretty informal so  please bear with me! 🙂 

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Random (Fun) Facts:

  • I eat, workout, sleep, and repeat (I have an obsession with Shaun T :P)
  • I created this blog in 2011 and have not stopped writing since then! Eating and promoting great local eateries/businesses are my passion and I’m so glad I have this outlet to do so
  • Meta Knight and I are TOTAL movie fanatics (my scene card has gone through at least 20,000 points)
  • I like going to the range and currently have a Canadian Firearm’s Licence 😉

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