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The Pit Burger Bar- Cheap Waffle Fries!!

Have you ever had a sudden craving for
something that is totally not crave-worthy or special at all but you still want
it anyway? Well, I had exactly that a week or two ago, and it was for…waffle
. I know, totally weird and random. Since The Pit Burger Bar at UBC is the
only place I know that serves waffle fries, I made myself an excuse and studied
with Trixie at UBC just so I could get my hands on those delicious greasy

I got an order of Waffle Fries ($2.95, includes tax!) and
Curry Mayo ($0.60) as dip. The curry
mayo wasn’t necessary since the fries had seasoning on them already but Trixie
recommended it, so what the hey, we still got it. 😛

The curry in the curry mayo was mild and not overpowering.
It would go really well with regular French fries.

I absolutely love these waffle fries! They were hot and
crispy when ordered, and I love the shape because it gives great texture when
eating. Who needs straight cut boring fries when you can have cool rigid criss
cross shaped fries! Haha, I kid.

The fries are incredibly oily though so be sure to grab a
bunch of napkins to clean yourself off after! I’m so glad I don’t go to UBC…
or else I’d get a heart attack from eating these every day.

Based on these reasons:
  • super cheap!
  • don’t expect anything gourmet, they are just regular fries
  • LOVE the criss cross shape 😛

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

Happy Eating!

courtesy of

The Pit Burger Bar on Urbanspoon

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