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Bubble World- Huge Portions, Great Price

Ever since Bubble World opened up a new location in Richmond, my friends and I have deemed it our go-to bubble tea place! Their food is pretty good and it gives us great value for its price. Therefore, it is no surprise that when Meta Knight, Dup, Cupcake, Tea, and I picked up Dirtygirl from the airport a few weeks ago, she suggested we go there to eat. 

Cupcake ordered the Milky Mango Ice Cream Slush ($4.95) and it was delicious! It’s creamy, not too sweet, and has great mango flavour. The huge portion (and cute mug) didn’t hurt either. 😛 Btw, I have also had the Milky Mango Slush without ice-cream before and I love it just as much!

Meta Knight and I shared the Milky Brown Rice Macha ($4.45). I asked for less sweet but I believe they forgot because it still tasted really sugary. If you normally like the brown rice tea, you will love this milk tea version of it. 

Meta Knight and I also shared the Deep Fried Chicken Knee ($4.95). They had a good amount of chicken in there and the chicken-to-cartilage ratio was also pretty good (does that sound gross? lol). 

Tea ordered the Shredded Pork and Pickles Noodle in Soup ($4.95) and she liked it a lot! Honestly, I don’t know any other bbt place that can give you a giant bowl of noodles for $4.95 so that is why I keep on coming here. It’s so cheap it sucks me in.. =.=

Tea and Dirtygirl shared a Milky Green Bean Slush ($4.45). They order this quite often at Bubble World and they enjoyed it again as always. From what I hear, the Milky Red Bean slush is also very good.
Dirtygirl ordered her favourite entree at Bubble World, the Meat and Marinated Tofu Sauce with Noodle ($4.95). She loves the meat sauce that accompanies the noodles and the portion is just right for her appetite. 

Based on these reasons:
  • their service is always quite prompt
  • you won’t have to break your wallet to eat here
  • the large portions will fill you up (and for a starving student that’s all you need!)
  • they provide a large array of drink and food selections

Overall Rating: 4/5

Happy Eating!

Bubble World 大頭仔 (Richmond) on Urbanspoon

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