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Breakfast with Kirby- Open Faced Tuna Toast and Salad

Rae and I made this simple breakfast a while ago and I loved how the meal was so light!  I would like to share this “recipe” with you guys. Perhaps it will give you some inspiration for your own breakfasts 🙂

So this basically consists of an open faced tuna toast, a side salad with imitation crab meat and thousand island dressing, and a few pieces of ripe peach and celery sticks.

For the open faced toast, we took a can of tuna, mixed it with some Japanese mayo, red onion, and finely diced celery. That mixture was then spread on one piece of toast.

I never used to put imitation crab in my salad because I thought it was a weird combination, but Rae insisted because she said it makes the salad taste really cool and refreshing. And she was right! Just by putting one piece of crab meat transformed a simple spinach salad into something completely unique! The saltiness of the crab meat was just so light and perfect as a contrast for the sweet thousand island dressing.

And there you have it! Put together a few pieces of veggies/ fruits on the side and you have a simple yet healthy breakfast. 

Happy Eating!

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